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Regenesis Skin and Body Care Products

Why Regenesis Skin and Body Care Products?

First Fitness Nutrition’s Regenesis skin and body care products are an integral part of company’s health and wellness product lines. Our bodies do require healthy care whether it’s internal or outside and First Fitness products all work together. So, First Fitness Nutrition has solution with all their product lines for the complete body wellness. Proper skin care is part of a healthy lifestyle. Whether it’s inside or outside, just as importantly, we need to take care of our skin and it is part of a healthy lifestyle for every age and every gender.

Importance of using Regenesis skin and body care products

Our skin is very important organ on our body. You cannot live without heart. You can’t live without your lungs and you can’t live without your skin. It’s the largest single organ of the body. Our largest organ is not our heart, our brain or our lungs, it’s our skin. Skin consists of a thin layer which is the epidermis, which is what we see and the second layer is the thicker middle layer which is the dermis and then the lower layer which is the subcutaneous tissue layer or hypodermis. Skin does serve as the primary level of protection between our internal body and the outside world. Our skin is really the body’s first defense because it prevents disease and infections from invading our bodies. It really serves as our protective barrier from dirt, bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. It keeps them from entering our body so it’s very, very important that we take care of it properly. It protects all of our insides and our vital organs against injury, the ultra violet rays from the sun, the toxic environment we live in and all foreign objects that we come in contact with. Skin actually regulates our body temperature and plays an important role in regulating our body’s fluids. It prevents fluid loss from our body as well as removing excess water and salt through the process of perspiration. So it is one of the most important organs of elimination that our body has.

Why is skin care so important? One of the first things we notice about babies is how smooth and how soft their skin is. From the moment we are born our skin serves as our most reliable barrier between our inner and outer world. So, when we look at a baby we notice their skin so the appearance of our skin is very important. As we all know, time waits for no one. It’s never too early or too late to start taking care of our skin properly. Skin does not start aging at the age 65, it starts much earlier. That is why it is so important to teach children how to take care of their skin. Just like every organ of our body, skin ages in its own way. Did you know that actually deterioration of elastic fibers begin at the age of 20? So we need to take care of our skin at a very early age. From children through seniors, we suffer from unhealthy skin and we are noticed by the way our skin looks. That’s why it’s important for us to have healthy skin because we are judged by the way our skin looks but we also judge ourselves. It’s how we feel about ourselves. So the good appearance of our skin is very necessary. It’s also important for the health of our skin. Proper skin care is not only about looking good, it’s about staying healthy. Unhealthy skin is more susceptible to disease, infections and scaring after injury. Caring for our skin before, during and after weight loss is very, very crucial. We talked about the different layers of our skin and they have different types of cells. And now, the skin cells on the outer part of our skin which is the epidermis are constantly being lost and replaced with new cells. The skin cells, and the dermis and the subcutaneous layer are a bit more permanent. These layers of the skin are made up of elastic connective tissues of fibers, blood vessels, and all sorts of compound if they can stretch, or contracts depending on how they are cared for and treated. Therefore, it is vital the skin is taken care of properly before, during and after weight loss to maintain health and to restore and maintain that elasticity. So a daily skin care regimen helps insure health and well being.

Ingredients of Regenesis skin and body care products

First Fitness Regenesis skin and body care products incorporate ancient wisdom with modern science for state of the art healthy skin and body care. You know, Aloe Vera was used by Cleopatra, so ancient Egyptians called it the plant of immortality. It is loaded with minerals, vitamins, amino acids and of course active enzymes. It has actually as many as 75 nutrients, 20 minerals, 12 vitamins, 18 amino acids, 200 active enzymes, those include vitamin A, B-complex vitamins, vitamin C, then minerals, which also includes potassium, chromium, magnesium. These nutrients have tremendous potential in external as well as internal application. So, this exotic plant contains many benefits, it sets Regenesis skin and body care products apart from most of the cosmetics found on the market because it actually carries all of these nutrients with it and it has the ability to bring those nutrients below the surface of the skin. So, Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral actions. It helps retain, restore, and replenish vital moisture that is so important to have healthy looking skin. It fights the aging process with affirming component. So, Aloe Vera is a magnificent ingredient and, again, it sets Regenesis products apart from the chemically based products that are out in the market place.

First Fitness also combines Aloe Vera with one of the newest things in the natural skin care industry, one of the newest ingredients and that is, Swiss apple stem cells. It’s a discovery that was made just recently and it is known as Malus Domestica. They are rare apples that are grown in the Alps in Switzerland and they possess stem cells that are comparable to the stem cells in our own skin, so it is a miracle component. It is harnessed to slow down the aging process. We talked about Aloe Vera slowing the aging process, and here we have the Swiss apple stem cells that retard against aging. It has the ability to protect our own skin cells’ longevity. So when you look at what First Fitness Nutrition skin and body care products contain, it is totally different from the products that you would find in the market place because most of those are chemically based. It’s also paraben free and that’s the first question many potential customers and users might have. So, each and every one of First Fitness Regenesis facial and body care formulas have Aloe Vera, Swiss apple stem cells, and then additional botanicals that are so beneficial to the skin.

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